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The Arch is one of the most outstanding recordings and biggest projects in the history of World Music, featuring more than 50 musicians from 14 different countries.
The Swan song of the French musical magician Hector Zazou is a project together with the exceptional Bulgarian voices of ‘Eva Quartet’ (part of the world famous choir ‘Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares’) with the special participation of musicians from different genres and fields of music.

Laurie Anderson (USA); Sofia String Quartet (Bulgaria); Bollywood String Orchestra (India); Roberto Cechetto (Italy); Cecilia Chailly (Italy); Kaushiki Charkaborty (India); David Coulter (UK); Diego Amador (Spain); Diva Reka Band (Bulgaria); Antoni Donchev (Bulgaria); Robert Fripp (UK); Bill Frisell (USA); Jivan Gasparyan (Armenia); Andrea Guzzoletti (Italy); Mehdi Haddab (Algeria); Dimiter Hristov (Bulgaria); Kostadin Kostadinov (Bulgaria); Radosvet Kukudov (Bulgaria); Zoltan Lantos (Hungary); Nils Petter Molvær (Norway); Carlos Nunez (Spain); Dobri Paliev (Bulgaria); Stoyan Pavlov (Bulgaria); Violeta Petkova (Bulgaria); Renaud-Gabriel Pion (France); Minna Raskinen (Finland); Bill Rieflin (USA); Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japan); Stefano Saletti (Italy); Daniel Spassov (Bulgaria); Janne Strömstedt (Sweden) etc.

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