Gergana Dimitrova, a.k.a. BELONOGA, is best known as one of the magnificent singers from ‘Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares and ‘Eva Quartet’.

While working with Hector Zazou on ‘The Arch,’ Eva Quartet’s last project, she was inspired to realize her own musical ideas. She rediscovered the primordial power of the voice inside her and developed it along with her compositional talent. Due to the variety of her ideas, the process of creating the project was arduous. It required not only a deep knowledge of Bulgarian and global music traditions, but also a rediscovery of the abilities and freedom of her own voice.

Many hours of work were necessary to create an absolutely harmonic relationship between the new musical ideas and the various traditional influences. This happened in the studio between 2009 and 2012, working jointly with sound engineer Alex Nushev under the direction of producer Dimitar Panev.
Belonoga’s deep knowledge of Bulgarian folklore and her encounters with the ancient musical cultures of Australian Aborigines and African Pygmies over the years have led to a combination of musical ideas provoked by the primordial and structured by the melodious. Thus, an extraordinary new music, extremely rich in emotions, came into being – a dialogue between the archaic culture of the Aborigines and Pygmies and the melodies of Bulgaria.

The foundation of her work – the human voice – sought the direct connection between them in a new musical world. Belonoga has created a whole musical universe.

A key role in the project was also played by Alex Nushev, who helped Belonoga to realize her ideas over years of studio work. The rest of the participants include Kostadin Genchev – one of the best Bulgarian kaval players and founder and director of the groups Bulgara and Wild River; Violeta Petkova – gadulka (rebec); Dimitar Tishev – accordion; Dimitar Hristov – tambura (pandore); and Greek multi-instrumentalist Vangelis Karipis – percussion. Special guests in the project were the magnificent Armenian singer and musician Haig Yazdjian (percussion, voice) and jazz doyen Anatoly Vapirov (saxophone). The project was mixed by Peter Walsh (who also worked on ‘The Arch,’ as well as with Peter Gabriel, Pulp, Stevie Wonder, and others) and Alex Nushev.

After working on successful projects such as Ivo Papazov’s album ‘Fairground,’ winner of the World Music Award from the BBC, and ‘The Arch,’ the joint project of Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou, the producer Dimitar Panev brought unconventional ideas to the project, helping create a new musical and sound experience.

The emergence of some music is inexplicable, but the music itself speaks strongly of the person who created it. In Belonoga’s music the listener is taken to a new musical world – beautiful, bright, archaic, contemporary and harmonic.


1. Salikh, from the mountains 6:27

2. Gypsy Sketches 6:45

3. A Song in the Dark (the path within) 6:50

4. A Wedding at the Camel Caravan 6:35

5. Tsveta’s Magics 6:14

6. Kunga 5:53

7. Shopski Yenge 6:08

8. A woman without shadow 7:03

9. Through the Eyes of the Sun 5:57

total running time: 57:52


Gergana Dimitrova aka BELONOGA – vocals, electronic instruments

Aleks Nushev – electronic instruments, guitar, bass guitar


Kostadin Genchev – kaval, duduk, ocarina, dvoyanka (1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Anatoly Vapirov – saxophone (3, 4, 9)

Gerogi Marinov – didjeridu (7)

Haig Yzadjian – vocal, ud (2, 3, 5, 6)

Dimitar Hristov – tambura (5)

Violeta Petkova – gadulka (1, 2, 4, 5, 9)

Dimitar Tishev – accordion (2, 4)

Vangelis Karipis – voice, percussion (1-9)

Peter Walsh additional sonic treatments (1-9)



Gergana Dimitrova (1-9)

Aleks Nushev (4, 5)



Gergana Dimitrova (4, 6, 9)

Aleks Nushev (1-8)



Gergana Dimitrova (1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Folklore (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8)

Recordings 2008 - 2011

Studio Aleks Nushev Мusic Creation, Sofia, Bulgaria by Aleks Nushev (Gergana Dimitrova, Kostadin Genchev, Gerogi Marinov, Violeta Petkova, Aleks Nushev)

Additional recordings in Maiskistudio by Aleks Nushev and Plamen Penchev (Anatoly Vapirov, Dimitar Tishev, Vangelis Karipis) and in Studio Praxis, Athens, Greece by Lambros Sfyris (Haig Yazdjian).

All compositions are registrated in MUSICAUTOR, Sofia, Bulgaria,

an international society of composers, lyricists and music publishers for collective management of copyright

All arrangements and compositions © Control

MK 56309/02.07.2013

Mixed by Aleks Nushev and by Peter Walsh at KHS, Düsseldorf/Germany

Mastered at Skyline Studio, Düsseldorf/Germany by Kai Blankenberg

Translations by Gergana Marinova and Kim Burton

Photography by Diljana Gergova

Design and drawings by Dimiter Panev

Layot LIGHTHOUSE IMAGES by Kamen Petrov

Produced by Dimiter Panev